Darkfall: So Hardcore You Can Taste The Core. And The Hardness.

From this preview:

The only time that you can mouselook around you is when you sit down to rest. At any other time, the only way to check if anyone is sneaking up on you is to turn and look.

This is not all, though. If you happen to be a tall guy, like my ork, and you’re fighting someone shorter, like a goblin, you have to aim DOWN at the little fucker while he runs figure eights around you, which means that you have even less awareness of your surroundings.

You don’t get a big ass name on your head, so it’s quite possible to hide behind trees and rocks (not like in other games where some poor sap is trying to ambush you from behind a tree and you can see the end bits of his <really, really, really long guild name right here> tag sticking on the sides.

People and monsters aren’t particularly visible. It’s quite realistic in this sense. If you don’t know that they are there you really have to look.

Darkfall Online: proving if you’re a bad enough dude, you don’t actually need a user interface.