Also in patch news today, which I found out about too late to include in the previous Hit and Run, a patch for Asheron’s Call with a few bug fixes. According to darktide.org, the infamous “Godmode” jumping exploit has finally been removed as well.

A KoC member from Darktide had this comment:

I think its funny how dumb most of these lummie gimps are. no wonder they always suck at gaming and can only come here to blame everything on cheats.

Its no secret that Lum and the others that report here suck at gaming (thats not all they suck)

Bekka from DNN had this comment:

Considering that a large rant site like Lum the Mad pours rivers of ink just to remind everyone that 95% of DT players are assholes, and that saying it is NOT a stereotype but a fact, I guess that Amina should take stock and get used to this kind of mentality. It’s obvious that she is just dissimulating as a nice, intelligent, well spoken woman to hide her newbie-killing activities in Shoushi, or that Aytalya wrote 70 chapters of the novel “The Call” just as a cover-up for all the times that she ganks unbuffed people and sends them tells of “oWn3d!!! U r sux!”, or that the Brotherhood of Amn hail each other saying “hail brother in the light” as a codeword meaning “on the count of three kill the sucker shopping at the armorer”. Not to mention our evil roleplayers! The Sect of Laraeth, Bin Akbar, it’s obvious they were all in it for the phat lewt. Please don’t say anymore that there may be roleplayers, or generally non-assholes, on Darktide, or someone somewhere will start foaming at the mouth.

Lum had this comment:

Goddam kids.