Debonneville v. Pierce: Keepin' It Real

Virtually Blind has word that the judge in their case has ordered the participants in to explain why they haven’t settled affairs yet.

Now, I’m not a lawyer – I’m not even a space lawyer. But quick research of Judge Manuel Real implies that this could get pretty darned interesting:

Judge Real is a decent man off the bench. But when he puts on the robes something seems to go wrong.

This lazy, vicious monarch has terrorized litigants and lawyers for 42 years and has the highest reversal rate in the Ninth Circuit, which virtually automatically and sua sponte re-assigns his cases to other judges when it remands them.

It is difficult to describe the terror he visits upon those in his courtroom and the shame that he makes lawyers feel.

It is impossible to describe accurately in mere words how bad this judge is. He is so mean and intimidating that one really needs to sit in his courtroom in order to fully appreciate how awful he is.

He should be removed and replaced by a coin-flipping machine, which at least, over time, would get it right 50% of the time, and would have virtually no upkeep costs, such as salary, staff, pension benefits, and health care premiums.

This judicial tyrant is a disgrace to the entire federal bench. He is the very best example of why lifetime judicial appointments are a very bad idea.

There simply is no judge worse than him, living or dead.

This is a truly evil man.

Based on all this, I’m hazarding a wild-arsed guess that we have not heard the last of this case.