Today we have not one, not two, but three noteworthy items from Glitchless, the game company whose bashing appeal is surpassed only by Red Dragon Software. Up first on the plate is the news that the game that threatens to take Free Cell out of the office forever is back. Yes, my friends Race War Kingdoms is back! “The gods will surely revere the first man or woman to slay the Yoro La HiHi Samurai!” That’s right you heard it here first. Or second if you are in the Dawn Beta Test. Third if you read Stratics, who brings us the next little tidbit.

Glitchless now has T1 lines! Woo woo! Stratics, always first with the copyrighted-don’t-you-dare-copy-this-or-I-will-tell-Mom News, posted this missive from Glitchless:

Race War Kingdoms fans will soon be able to access the game again for some pre-Dawn PVP action since our T lines have been installed. The game has since been enhanced with new features such as multiple kingdom creation, kingdom guards, and player rankings.

Stratics, once again, first with the news and goddammit you better link to us or else we will send big hairy men named Bubba after you, also informs us of a new business owned and operated by Glitchless. Web Browser Games has one other title besides Race War Kingdoms. Mall War Madness. Honest. I can’t make stuff like this up. Really. I’m not that good. Go to the link yourself and see.