Got this note from a reader. Bear in mind that this is of course all totally unconfirmable, yadda yadda yadda. You’re here for the dish, so here it is.

The scary thing is that, if this is true, posting wedding announcements on a web page pays almost as much as maintaining multi-million dollar database systems. Jesus wept.

FYI: I make zero from this website.

Admittedly, I’ve been behind in reading the boards on your site and the news section, but a thread caught my eye today regarding the Vault network.

See, I know Thalshara of the UOVault. What should interest you is that I know Thalshara is personally making $2500 a month off her work on the vault. And she’s just one person. It is indeed a business. I don’t know how they’re making their money (view banners, I imagine), but the question of news ethics has been discussed among her and

Here’s the deal: In order to keep the currency flowing, they must have open access to information. Where do they get the best information? Well, OSI of course. OSI feeds the Vault information as long as the Vault refrains from criticizing OSI. This is basically why most scandals, screw ups, and just plain stupid behavior on the part of OSI is rarely found on the UOVault. If it is reported, it’s in passing, sugar coated, and largely ignored. The only time you will see UO Vault post anything bad about OSI is when the issue is so large that they would look dumb for not posting it.

Basically, the UOVault is OSI’s PR machine. Of course, this is pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain, but I thought you’d like to know that not only do Vault operators know about it, but they profit well from it and will continue to provide biased information to the players as long as there is money in the bank at the end of the month. They’re very proud of themselves, and basically sold out to OSI quite some time ago. They know full well what they’re doing. I know Vault operators personally, and I can truthfully say they are a group of greedy a**holes that no longer care about the game or the players. They used to, but now all they see is green.