Adrick sends in a story of what many of us have suspected…. atrophy on Siege Perilous is hosed.

I think your readers should know that skill atrophy on SP is wacked out bro. As you probably know I lost GM smith twice in 30 min to this. I refuse to play Adrick (Smith) as anything now other than a smith. I created a new guy who only has 6 skills. His skill points add to a whopping 238 as of last night. Anyway I wanted to tell you that last night after Hiding not 10 min before I lost a .1 of hiding and gained a .1 of mace. I then hid and gained it right back and lost a .1 of resist. Similiar see saw gains happened on many of my skills and what was disturbing was I was usuing all of them and have only 6 skills with values above the base.

So the moral of the story is – on SP dont play a gm smith as anything other than a smith or get the smithing last. Im kinda pissed I have to use my second account on there but I am left with no other choice. I think this is a legit beef for skill locks – I really dont care about any skill other than smithing because of the makers marks. The other skills are only nice for the title Grandmaster on the paper doll – the .1 is meaningless.

What many GM smiths and GM archers are doing on Siege is buying 30 of a skill they’ll never use (cooking or fishing or some such) and hoping that that gets caught in the atrophy trap.

You know, dev team, it would NOT BE THAT HARD to code in a little skill lock. Hell, make it so it only activates when you hit GM in something. Speaking from experience, hitting GM in a skill is hard enough to achieve without having to do it over once you accidentally gain .01 in camping or something.