DON’T LET THE SUN… GO DOWN ON ME… [Author: wirehead]

One rather amusing ripple effect from the stories today is that quite a few SUN members decided to email me independently today. The amusing part is that every one of them contradicted each other, both in minutae as how to spell SUN and in somewhat larger issues (such as whether or not they duped or handed out castle deeds).

I won’t burden you with the sometimes hilariously overblown rhetoric; I’m sure most of them will take advantage of the “Comment HERE!” tags for that, and you can study to your heart’s content.

It just strikes me as funny that a group of people that were so unbelievably lame that they had to dupe just to stay ahead of the PK curve and were thrown out of the game for their trouble are still around, still monitoring the various sites, and still slap-happy.

Almost makes me want to say the name “Senith” again, just to make my day complete.