“Doomsday: Armageddon: Apocalypse: Megiddo: Everybody Dance Now” Released

New Hearts of Iron 2 booster pack that I alluded to earlier is out now.

New features (most of which weren’t advertised):

  • “Stop Sending Me Expeditionary Forces Dammit” button (fixes one of HOI2 Doomsday’s most irksome “features”)
  • Two fantasy scenarios (eh, I suspect Kaiserreich is probably still better)
  • Ability to play until 1964 (however, with no new techs or events that’s kind of pointless – guess it’s so modders don’t have to include a No Time Limit patch for their ColdWar scenarios that never come out)
  • Autobuild units with attachments (something I thought was missing from HOI2 when I first played it)
  • Add attachments to naval units which can upgrade (similar to air wings on carriers, keeps your ancient navy somewhat relevant)
  • Completely reworked naval combat which requires surface units to detect targets for naval bombers (no more Royal Navy being wiped out by unsupported Stuka wings)
  • Reworked air combat system
  • Button you can push to show all your movement arrows at once (the “I AM THE VERY MODEL OF A MODERN MAJOR GENERAL” screenshot button)

It costs $5. In a perfect world it would be a patch… but one suspects this is how Paradox is trying to finance a “live team” for a game well past its shelf date. Still a disappointment from a team that supported EU2 for free for years.

Sadly, I will get it merely for the first feature. A sad panda, I am. And yes, I know I am rewarding bad behavior… this *really* should have been a patch, not a money generator.