Here is, from an MDK member, the text from their OSI email on why they were banned.

At this time your account with Origin Systems has been permanently closed due to a violation of the Terms Of Service or the Rules and Regulations. Although we regret the closure of any account, we feel that the termination of your account is in the best interest of the service as a whole. Your account was closed for the following:

You are a member of the MDK guild. This guild has a web page up which condones hate crimes and the “virtual rape” of players. In game, this guild is known for harassing other players. This is a gross violation of the terms of service agreement, as well as a personal attack on other players. We consider this guild to be nothing more than a group who approves of hate crimes. Your account is closed and will not be reopened.

So be careful what guild you join, and make sure each and every member is politically correct. And above all — don’t approve of hate crimes. Badthink! Badthink! Rectify!