Doubt Thou The Stars Are Fire

How PvP works:

Step 1: Global war between bitter enemies rages for years and years and years


Step 2: As part of that war, someone tries to join one of the warring parties, and after paying his entry fee is told “thanks, no thanks” (this being a common scam, since the side in question is, well, griefing the entire game as a hobby).


Step 3: Said someone says “No, wait, I’m actually an alt of one of the leaders of your enemy alliance. I can help you.


Step 4: Response to said someone: “Hmmmm…. You don’t say.


Step 5: Weltanschauung


Step 6: Kriegsnachwirkung


Step 7: Ragnarok


The day before…


And the day after.

I’m sure there’s a few design, development, and community implications to be learned here. Just how much power do you want to give your players to screw each other over, anyway? Because with unlimited power comes unlimited hijinks.