Doug Lowenstein Kicks All Y’all’s Asses

I have very little comment on this save rude noises of encouragement!

“How many people are on the Video Game Voters Network?” he asked the crowd, which responded with very very few raised hands. “That’s pathetic!” he yelled. “You go to a website, click a few keystrokes and that’s it. No one has bothered to take the time to do that, and it makes me sick. What is the problem? You can not expect this industry to grow and prosper if you’re not willing to take the time and effort to help it.”

Damn right! (It’s over here and yes, I joined some time ago.)

He also had a few words to the enthusiast games media. “I think there’s a lot of maturity that needs to happen in the gaming press. It’s not just because there’s a cozy relationship between the press and the industry they cover. That I find a little uncomfortable. But I think the games industry press needs a higher level of maturity and seriousness.”

Right on.

“It drives me crazy. You know who gives Jack Thompson more attention than anyone else? The games press. The games press legitimizes Jack Thompson. Everyone gets so upset that Jack Thompson has so much ability. I just,” he loses his composure, just for a second, “…I just think it’s nuts.”

Damn straight.

When the politicos start knocking wacky laws around, don’t say you weren’t warned!