Well chances are good that you are reading this because you saw the link on Dr. TwisTer’s site. (Hint: you probably want to ignore all the crap on this page and scroll down to the link at the bottom.) While I still think that Dr. TwisTer is a blight on the landscape that all right-thinking Sosarians should unite and smite down from the mountaintop, I will note two things – (1) I really have no idea how old Dr. TwisTer is – for all I know he may actually be old enough to be a Smurf! and (2) Even though I disagree with him on almost everything, since he was mensch enough to link me, henceforth when I make fun of him and point at his bloated ego, I will capitalize his last name correctly. Because that’s just the kind of man that I am.

Now that I have all the TwisTies’ attention, I’d like to point out that I love each and every one of you even if you are all a pack of exploiting LusErs who ride the short bus to school every morning, and I feel that I must do something in return. Stay tuned as our investigative reporters find out the TRUTH… is Dr. TwisTer REALLY a doctor?