Something Awful was apparently bought out by the DRAGON FANTASY MYSTIC SHADOW DUNGEON HORIZON EVENT ONLINE 7 dev team. This is a pretty good thing since the DFMSDHEO7 team has quite a few new ideas that we haven’t seen since Dawn promised us the ability to dig vertically.

I keep dying in the Nazi Party Cave, how do I defeat Hitler?

Look carefully at your guide scroll for the quest. It mentions Hitler is a big fan of fudge and women and that he is allergic to bee stings. I hope you kept the bee-kins you were given by Dr. Fondlepus in the Sour Crystal Mines, now all you need is fudge, a dress and a wig. If your wig skill is at least 500 you can just kill Fancy Rats until one of them drops a superb quality rat pelt and then make this into a wig. If your skill isn\’e2\’80\’99t high enough but you\’e2\’80\’99ve got plenty of iron bars, the Morlok village nearby has several wiggeries. The dress is harder to get a hold of. You have to convince Nglocka, the Morlok farmer who lives alone, that crows have been eating his tinkleseeds. He will erect a scarecrow using his dead wife\’e2\’80\’99s dress. Once he puts it up kill him with a sword and take the dress off the scarecrow, trade it in at the village for a prettier dress. The fudge is even harder to get your hands on. It is being guarded by the Chococrocs, who you may know are a bit more formidable in combat then the Creamcrocs you battled earlier. Try using the cake mixers on them, but save a few for later in the game, if need be cast \’e2\’80\’9ctaper\’e2\’80\’9d on them. Once you have the fudge combine the fudge with the bee-kins. Put on the wig and dress and take the fudge to Hitler.

Rumor has it that the Fey Leprechaun class is due for a nerf, though, so you should probably check them out before they sell out and/or suck.