DREAD LORD CALANDRYLL [Author: wirehead]

From Jinx’s Calandryll interview:

When you were Dread Lord Calandryll, how many people did you kill? 🙂

A lot. Except, despite some rumors to the contrary, I wasn’t a PK. I became a Dread Lord because the old Notoriety System allowed you to go “red” from noble acts, such as killing a looter or defending yourself against a mage who cast a firewall on you. Basically there were those of us who refused to let the system stop us from doing what we felt was right, so we became Dreads. It took me along time, posting under the name, “Dread Lord Calandryll, Virtuous Fighter” to convince people on the boards that some Dread Lords were not PKs. One of my favorite past-times though was walking to the cross-roads or in a dungeon, minding my own business and waiting for an NPK to attack me. Or walking up to an Order Guard and asking him to name 4 of the 8 virtues. Hehe. We spent a lot of time giving dirt-naps to NPKs. *laugh* I don’t think I ever actually initiated an attack against anyone, except during a war. Being a Dread Lord, I didn’t have to. Hehe.

Well, if the thought of Calandryll taking time off from massaging the inflamed egos of Dev Board regulars to whack noto PKs amuses you as much as it does me, you may find these old essays found by J., written by Calandryll, pre-UO Spin Doctor days, of interest.

The Dread Lord Calandryll (note that the links at the top of the page lead to in-character stories as well)

Dedicated readers of Stratics will also note that Runesabre was a role-playin’ smith before he was a role-playin’ coder.