Quick definition here:

Incompetence – Inadequate for or unsuited to a particular purpose or application.

With the clusterfuck that is Patch 12.6, I\’e2\’80\’99m not certain the word \’e2\’80\’9cincompetent\’e2\’80\’9d fully illustrates the disaster that Funcom continually perpetuates upon its paying customer base. With literally hundreds upon hundreds of bugs (more being released by the hour), a skeletal wraith of a customer support system, and a habitually ignored tester base, the realization that Anarchy Online was released at least six months to a year too early is quickly becoming apparent to all. On the official forums, long time posters, players, and beta-testers are fleeing faster than CIA operatives in Saigon circa April, 1975 (the similarities are stunning).

Quite simply, the game and the company were not ready to set foot on the MMOG stage, with its glaring spotlight and high expectations. (Who am I kidding? Our expectations are so low, we\’e2\’80\’99d play Minesweeper Online if it had great graphics and ample boobage).

This week, players on the test server cried unto the heavens, pleading with Funcom not to release the patch; that it was buggy, unplayable, a disaster waiting to happen. In true MMOG style, the company decided to go with the patch as is. On a Friday no less! Class, would someone like to explain to Funcom why Friday is not a good patch day?

Of course, official comments from Funcom acknowledging they were releasing a whole new batch of bugs with the patch doesn\’e2\’80\’99t exactly help their case. To paraphrase: \’e2\’80\’9cYes, there are bugs in this patch. But, they\’e2\’80\’99re not as bad as other bugs! We promise!\’e2\’80\’9d

I think the AO community disagrees.

Funcom should pack it in. AO is not ready for the mass market, and continuing to charge customers for this buggy piece of shit should border on criminal. I urge dissatisfied AO players to contact their state Attorney Generals. The Better Business Bureau also works. Customers are being ripped off. Period.

The game has not worked. The game does not work. And no amount of pretty graphics and streamlined sound can make up for that fact. Funcom released a product they knew did not work and have continued to charge customers without delivering on any of their promises as a company to provide a playable game for $12.95 a month.

Good luck, Mythic. I think you just got yourself thousands of new customers come release day.