Someone with the nick “[GOD]Duncan” appeared in the #shadowbane IRC channel on Stratics (NOTE: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT EVER VIOLATE THE HOLY SACRED WRIT OF COPYRIGHT) and started throwing down.

[[GOD]Duncan] shadowbane beta won’t be out for a long while

[[GOD]Duncan] it needs a lot of work

[[GOD]Duncan] beta could be out in february, but from what I’ve been told from people who know, it’s not going to be out in january

[[GOD]Duncan] look guys, I tried to get a copy of SB from somebody at work, they said “it will be a while before even I get it, it needs work”

[[GOD]Duncan] this was last week

Never fear, though, Belthior, ace animator at Wolfpack and wielder of a wicked mino axe, was on the case. Incognito as “Althalus”, he started pumping the so-called GOD for proof. Silly artist! Proof denies faith! And without faith, where would gaming company timelines be!

Althalus] what kind of shirts does harry miller wear?

[[GOD]Duncan] harry moved to austin

[Althalus] what kind of shirts does harry wear

[[GOD]Duncan] harry wore a dress shirt with no tie the one time I went to dinner with him

[Whol_] assistant package relocation engineer? fancy word for the shipping clerk

As Whol ably discovered, Duncan is in fact the assistant package relocation engineer for GODgames, which makes him about as qualified to comment on Shadowbane’s beta date as anyone else, I guess. Anyway, Duncan was shortly spanked into submission:

[[GOD]Duncan] whoa, looks like I was wrong on the beta date, hehe

[[GOD]Duncan] hehe, I love PM’s from Employees

[[GOD]Duncan] well, emails actually

[[GOD]Duncan] can’t tell

[[GOD]Duncan] besides telling me what I needed to know, they told me to hush up in the channel

[[GOD]Duncan] so no more talk of dates from me

[[GOD]Duncan] I am now completely ignoring all date related msgs

So whatever you do, don’t ask him for a date. Unless you’re a chick. GODgames loves chicks.

Anyway, check out J’s site for more “when the hell is beta, anyway” news (according to some Europeans, it’s May, according to Warden it’s “um, whenever it compiles without errors. Damn that Visual C! Debugging is, like, HARD!*”)

* note: Warden did not actually say that. Publically.