DUSK TILL DAWN [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

The big announcement from Glitchless finally arrived – unlike previous big announcements that required induced labor from rabid fanboys.

What was the big announcement? Shocker – they aren’t making an MMOG. They reason that the already-over-stuffed MMOG market has made it hard to get any respect from publishers. In order to obtain said respect, they have announced a single-player Real-Time-Strategy game entitled “Dusk: Dawn Tactics”.

Because on planet Glitchless, the way to get respect from industry publishers is to RIP-OFF THE NAMES OF THEIR VERY SUCCESSFUL FRANCHISES. And given that this new game is being called a “prequel”, I guess on Planet Glitchless, dusk comes before dawn. On Planet Earth, that happens when everybody is SLEEPING.

They promise that this turn of events is being done so that they can raise enough capital to redirect efforts into making the MMOG. The icon created for this story depicts the reaction from the Dawn Fan Club International. Yes, it is cute – but somehow it is also very chilling. Pray for us.

The press release can be found here at the official website. IT IS ALL THAT YOU WILL FIND THERE, aside from lots of gap toothed red-headed little girls squealing with delight.