E3 HIT AND RUN [Author: Lum the Mad]

Just a brief update post to let you all know what’s coming. J and Lietgardis are here with me listening to the opera singers at the swimming pool. Surrealism in full effect.

From yesterday, our talk with Shadowbane’s Sam “Meridian” Johnson on some basic design concepts. I also asked Josef “Arcane” Hall, Wolfpack’s President today some pointed questions about publishers, beta dates and future plans. (I also threatened to kick Belthior’s ass. Which, when I remembered he was a Shao Lin kung fu instructor, marked me as a completely stupid person.)

This morning, I sat down with Gordon “Abashi” Wrinn to talk turkey about Luclin, and what’s coming soon in Everquest PvP. I also got a guided tour of Planetside from Kevin McCann, that game’s producer. Those to be posted later as well.

Unfortunately, thanks to a disastrous morning my interview with Bob Roland and the rest of the Netdevil team didn’t happen. (Sorry, Bob, I did NOT mean to stand you guys up.) However, I talked about it some with Baelish when I ran into him, and he showed me Jumpgate’s manual. Yes, they have a real manual. A REAL THICK MANUAL. SPIRAL BOUND. Someone at Netdevil knows what they are doing.

This afternoon we sat down with Mark Jacobs (CEO), Matt Firor (Producer) and Dave Rickey (Designer) of Dark Age of Camelot. Lots of news there which we’ll update you on. One word: N’Sync.

This evening we’re going to drive out to World Fusion to get a look at Atriarch. So Zang, yes, we’re going to have some Atriarch news. Calm down.

Oh, and UGO brought Gary Coleman again. I watched him play some video game for a minute, but then realized I was staring at a midget playing a video game along with dozens of other people. So I stopped.