E4: Like E3, But With… Uh… Less Of You

As you’ve noticed from everywhere on the Interweb, E3 2007 (LA May Megamix edition) has been cancelled. In its place is a smaller, friendlier exhibition which… well, I’m not sure what the difference is supposed to be. Maybe it’s shiny.

According to IGN, some publishers including EA already are ALL OVER the new direction for E3.

Publishers such as Capcom and Electronic Arts have already announced their support for the new format. Electronic Arts told IGN that it is “very supportive” of the show’s new approach, and plans to participate next July.

“When the show began 12 years ago, it was a great opportunity to meet with buyers, media and partners,” an EA spokesperson explained. “Over time though, the timing has become disruptive to the studios and the costs have become expensive.

“The July event is less disruptive to our development schedule. We think that software shown in July will be a more accurate reflection of the games that will appear in stores later that year.”

So, um, you get a few more weeks of crunching to make a wholly fictional Potemkin village to show off to the class. Yaaaaaaay team!

Still unclear is, if all the usual suspects are showing off the usual dog and pony shows, what the difference is supposed to be. One commenter on Slashdot had a possible answer: show passes that cost $3000. Well, yes, that would probably do it, assuming EB didn’t turn around and hand six zillion of them out for free. Then again, I’m not sure people would pay $3000 for me to go.

In any event, I’m happy about E3 going poof, as are most people in the trenches that I talked to today. No one who actually has to work at E3 enjoys it any more. It’s too loud, too noisy, too hot, and too crowded. It won’t be missed, unless your only form of female contact is humping booth babes with digital cameras. YES I AM LOOKING AT YOU.

Wired has probably the best meta-comment on the whole sturm und drang:

The show will go on, in every respect save for the fact that the show has been cancelled.