eBay Yanking RMT Auctions?

Hard to say, but this screenshot is making the rounds:


eBay’s proactively removing RMT auctions is huge in and of itself. However, there’s another side to this: note the MMO being referenced in the CS chat. Note that UO is one of the few MMOs that permit RMT, so eBay removing UO RMT auctions would be… pretty huge.

Previously, eBay’s official policy is that they would pull an auction at the original copyright holder’s request. Of course, this then mandated a race between an MMO’s CS department and the thousands of RMT dealers to see who could keep an auction up the longest. This back-and-forth is what instigated the Blacksnow vs Mythic lawsuit; Mythic asked eBay to pull Blacksnow’s RMT auctions, to which Blacksnow asserted was stomping on their business. (The whole sordid story is up here; it ended with Blacksnow disappearing into the midst to their legal team’s consternation.)

In any event, there are still hundreds of RMT auctions on eBay last I checked.

Discussion ongoing in the UO community here and here. Markee Dragon, a large UO gold seller/news site, claims to have been contacted by eBay here.