I was sent this from Wyrtgorn of the wee people about the latest on the Tallon Zek racewar server. This is a good example of why they REALLY need to disable all combat near zone lines.

Here’s a situation that happened last night. We, being gnomes/dwarves/halfings, generally OWN the elves 24/7. This isn’t propaganda, it’s just fact. Well occasionally we get the zone line wars, and this is a story from one of them.

Last night I was playing as my Dwarf, Wyrtgorn when while running to reienforce the Lfay -> Gfay border on the Lfay side I see about 30 Elves and a GM named Teeka the Patient. I cast my Divine Aura and bust through the lost of them and get into Lfay where I was greeted to about 20-30 gnomes, and me the only dwarf. We were slaughtering the elves as soon as they zoned, and outa no where Arandiel, a human, pops up. His name turns Green and we’re like ok. He tells us we’re camping their corpses. Now, I asked camly if he had seen the other force, and they were camping our corpses. He didn’t reply and just told us not to attack the elves comming through! Of coruse we didn’t listen and we started to slaughter them, meanwhile the GM was screaming, “DWARF STOP!” and I did.

This goes on for about 5 minutes, when he finally steps in and HEALS an elf named Sinfier. Now I’m not one to usually grip about someone, but this SAME elf runs behind our backs and summons his pet which starts to pick us off one by one. Taking it personal I run around and of course die to his pet and his spells. This has gone too far. I come back with my summoned hammer, asked the GM WTF was he doing? He allowed and elf to heal and now cause havoc amoung us. He didn’t respond, the only words outa his mouth were, “This is uncontrolable, they never said anything like this would happen. If either side wants their bodies they’ll have to surmount a force large enough to hold the othere off and let people get their corpses.” Then he disappeared while the elves had grown to such numbers behind us we had to leave.

War is war, why would anyone let their enemy get their stuff to use on them again?