EQ NEWSBITS [Author: Tick]

Believe it or not, some things still happen there.

Leading off, it would appear that in spite of the fact that the Necromancer class staged one of the best protests in the history of EverQuest at the Necromancer Best of the Best competition a while back, they’re still feeling about as useful as a manastone in the high end game. In what may be a last-ditch effort to save their class, the folks at EQClasses have created a petition to Verant, which is now in its 23rd page of signatures. Here’s a brief excerpt from the open letter that describes the issue pretty well:

The way the necromancer class works is as follows: We damage our hitpoints for more mana points, we then use these mana points to drain creatures of life, healing us. Once we can do that, we have other secondary abilities, such as giving mana to others (since we replenish it quickly) and healing others with our own lifeblood (since we can steal it back). Without the ability to lifetap, this finely tuned system breaks down. This is the core of our class from the lowest levels until the final levels in the game.

With the introduction of Velious came the more common occurrence of the “100% magic immune” mob, a creature that only melee damage can effect. This in effect neutralized the necromancer class because it stops our hitpoint transfers. If we can not transfer the mobs hitpoints to us over time, we can not heal our friends. If we can not lifetap the creature for damage we are reduced to becoming walking manastones, because there simply is nothing else for us to do. As stated by various public relations representatives from Sony EQ:

“we\’e2\’80\’99re not going to make necromancers into living Manastones. Those stones were removed for a reason.”

The quote from Sony’s PR is a little ominous, since it seems to suggest they may do something to twitching versus actually making Necros useful again, but we can always hope.

In other news, we got a heads-up from Yarha (tis she!) that those Rangers among you with Epic weapons might want to keep in mind:

Few days ago Ferkl of Veeshan Guard was hunting in Kael. He died and was looting his body, then looted his lammie in the wrong hand, so when he looted his first epic sword it poofed.

How this happened is why I’m posting. A ranger’s first epic sword is offhand. So if the ranger loots in the wrong order the primary weapon goes to offhand and then epic goes to the ranger’s bags…unless those bags are full. Ferkl’s were and so *poof* all his hard work, his guild’s effort, and time spent just blown down the tubes.

Ferkl of course petitioned and was told this was a “feature” of the game. So he’s now giving up for awhile on his ranger.

Gotta love them “features,” yeah? That little /feedback command might be good to use for those of you who think this isn’t exactly the way things should be working, but in the meantime, loot carefully, folks- the epic you save may be your own.

Of course, all this probably seems like small stuff to those of you who downloaded a patch to your game that made it completely unplayable, or who bought into a game that was arguably never playable to begin with. On the other hand, the small stuff piles up in a hurry, and if we don’t mention it, who will? Hell, sometimes griping about it even works.