Eve Blows Up. Again.

Uh oh.

There was briefly this official comment

The moderators have alerted CCP and the IA team regarding allegations of Dev misconduct. They will conduct their investigation, however its the weekend so it will take some time for the Devs to provide an answer. Please be patient.

before the boards exploded. Literally. As in “Temporarily Offline”. Edit: They came back shortly thereafter, with the following note:

Our forums have now been taken down due to the load generated by player response to allegations of developer misconduct. We urge people to wait until the facts are out, rather than taking sensationalist statements at face value. Our preliminary findings indicate that what happened what simply a developer doing his job ingame. He joined the corporation in order to access their POS, which was bugged.

We humbly ask our players to trust that the internal monitoring of our employers is being taken seriously. The current allegations will be fully investigated and we will publish our findings at the first opportunity. Please understand that this may not be today or tomorrow, but this issue will not be ignored.

F13 thread already in progress.