Eve Blows Up

Joe Blancato, formerly of Waterthread and now all respectable and stuff for The Escapist, posts a detailed writeup connecting the dots with the Eve Online/Band of Brothers hoofrah

…including the confession of the developer responsible.

Regrettably, my actions inevitably led to a shadow of suspicion being cast on a number of my co-workers, as well as Reikoku and Band of Brothers. I wish to make it clear that I acted alone and my co-workers and corp/alliance mates have been cleared of any alleged wrongdoing.

As much as this is a confession it is also a request for your forgiveness for events of which I’m truly sorry.


More comments from the president of CCP, Hilmar Pettursson here.

The developers of this company will always play the games that they build here. Without being fully immersed in the player experience, perspective, and community, it is impossible to build, maintain, and expand online worlds with any degree of competency. And while that does expose us to some degree of risk, the rewards are incalculably higher. EVE has grown stronger every year since its inception; these bumps in the road are an inevitable part of the journey we must endure as a growing company; and we would not be here today if we opted to isolate ourselves from the player experience of EVE Online.

It is thus that we look forward to putting this matter firmly behind us, and move forward with our continued mission to improve and expand a world that we hold close to our hearts.

A brief perusal of the Eve boards gives us a probably unrepresentative sampling of the mood:

I ask CCP this now – is t20 still employed? If yes, why?

I honestly dont think its good enoug T20.
You knew you were breaking the rules.

As pointed out. CCP is hitting the bottom.

While t20 did something he shouldn’t have done, I really hope he doesn’t get fired. He’s been with the community for a long time.

It’s not like the BPO’s made some huge difference in terms of isk or advantage or anything. It’s wrong of course, but nothing staggering.

Is t20 going to be terminated and/or recieving any kind of punishment? Are all the players that are *not* devs that have been banned etc. going to recieve reparations since they have been proved correct?

It’s fine for him to sit there and beg forgiveness, but I’ll bet he’d be a lot sorrier if he had to go on the dole.

I’ve lost faith in the game now. I think you are lying through your teeth ccp, it’s obvious from the logs that CCP developers have shared information with RKK directors and yet you refute it.

No matter which way this all turns out, this has been a nightmare for CCP and Eve, and hopefully they will work through this and keep going. Eve’s innovations are too important to the genre and the industry as a whole to be entangled in this crap.