Got this:

Notorious NPC was GM IronWill. Not that it matters. All this happened over a year ago.

I remember back when DFM started making the rounds. It was shortly after the rep patch and ‘reds’ had all but disappeared. DFM would show up at popular pvp spots (at that time entrance to Covetous and bone knight area in Deciet) kill anything in sight and take very little as far as loot– reagants, maybe potions. They came out of nowhere and then disappeared.

They were real active for a couple of weeks and then you wouldn’t see them for some time. We speculated about them a ton on the Insidious Brotherhood board. Tantrum of the IB hooked up with Notorious NPC; DFM and IB would try to get together for killing sprees every so often. The DFM did not use one hit weapons. I was killed by them once and I got to go killing with them (more like witness them killing) a couple of times and I would have noticed that.

I think most or all of DFM were onsite at Origin. We thought at first they were on a college campus or some other LAN-lab environment that was on a fat pipe because they were very fast. They had very good group tactics with little in game communication so we assumed they were either in the same room or on Roger Wilco. If DFM is going to be accused of abuse, the only abuse that I believe they did was playing onsite at Origin because their connection was a mute point. Other than that I believe they powergamed like the best of us so they could take their murderer’s out on killing sprees.

I know KillaX and his guild was an enemy guild of mine. I’m not sure if he’s trying to imply IronWill created one hit weapons but if he is, he’s full of shit. And he knows he’s full of shit.

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