EVERNERF [Author: myschyf]

EverNerf lives up to its name.

With the latest of nerf hitting the clerics right in the chest, EverQuest’s Allan Vancouvering tried yesterday to justify why they were nerfing the clerics donals breastplate armor. Allan tried to first stun the playerbase with a little compassion:

\’e2\’80\’9cI think we should have deleted the item.\’e2\’80\’9d

When that did work he moved on hoping players would get over it. Yet today the discussion over the breastplate still rages on.

The breastplate lets clerics cast a powerful healing spell (Complete Heal) without the need for any mana. Apparently it took all 300,000 players of EverQuest and an entire 6 months to figure out that this was bad, mmmkay.

The Sony mathematicians quickly jumped on the problem with their uber calculators and came to the conclusion that there was an error with the following formula:

Unlimited \’e2\’80\’9cmana-free\’e2\’80\’9d healing + Tank = Ability to kill any mob in game.

\’e2\’80\’9cLet me restate that. One cleric and one warrior, using this one magic item, can defeat ANY opponent or any number of opponents that are not capable of killing the warrior in under 30 seconds.\’e2\’80\’9d \’e2\’80\ldblquote Allan

So in true EverQuest fashion they poked a few clerics in the chest with the ol\’e2\’80\’99 stick o\’e2\’80\’99 nerfage and came up with this:

It no longer heals every 30 seconds. Instead it complete heals once every 7.5 minutes. The spell itself takes 30 seconds to cast, but now leaves a small \’e2\’80\’9cbuff\’e2\’80\’9d up not allowing the spell to be cast on the same person twice for the 7.5 minute timeframe.

Clearly the EverQuest team realized sometime ago that the breastplate was over powered as the openly admitted to \’e2\’80\’98adjusting\’e2\’80\’99 high-level monsters in game to compensate for the breastplate.

On Fennin Ro, a level 60 cleric cried.

The question we should be asking is not; what will they nerf next? The question is: what will be the next moronic uber item will they let drop in game that’s so unbalanced they have to buff up the uber monsters to compensate for it.