Not much of an update today. Everyone is probably busy watching their new 800×600 client crash anyway.

An astute reader of Senith and Ironwill’s little tete-a-tete noticed that while everyone jumped down Willy’s throat for busting on TC, no one noticed that he hates Atlantic, too. I guess it’s OK to pick on Atlantic, though, since the real elite PlayaZ are on Wakoku. I just like that shard’s name. Speaking of karaoke, why are Japanese people given such a bad rap in UO? I mean, they are the epitome of politeness when they PK you and steal your kills. I’ve never seen a Japanese player trash talk after they kill anyone. Then again I guess I have my transerv off too. (Doesn’t everybody?)

Another reader asked if I was going to put up a message base. Like I care what you pinheads think! There’s already 4,000 message bases for UO (all of which Designer Dragon posts on) so go play there. This is MY yard.