EZEKIEL [KOC] RESPONDS [Author: wirehead]

Just got this in the mail:

Hello Lum,

I am making my only public statement here, to you…

First lets settle a few issues.. This was a planned attack by OSI for awhile now, be it as it may, for whatever reason. KoC is one of the, if not the most hated Guild in Ultima Online. The Guild that previously held this title (MDK) were all banned.

After reading your latest news I’d like to comment on Each Issue at hand:

First off all my account and all its previous flaggings.. I have been flagged for alot of Minor issues.. Macroing etc.. Also being flagged for Duping back in the day and being disrobed from my counselorship. What that doesn’t tell you is the history behind that. Back in the EARLY EARLY Days when UO first began there was a Dupe bug, and I was one of the Original people who found it. When I learned of this, I promptly told OSI about it. This started a Long relationship between myself and GM Wile. OSI would freqeuntly call my house and we would test the dupe to see if it still worked. I worked closely with them on the dupe bug until it was fixed.

Later on, I worked on the Increased Tacts bug and Swords\\Archery. My character WAS banned but the GM at the time had no idea I was actually Testing this bug with GM Wile.

For all my help, OSI made me a counselor. I was a counselor for many months. (This was long before counselors had jack for power.) It got to be pretty boring. I was pretty much anti-social, I started gating monsters to seer events, killing people at will, PKing, the whole nine yards. Well it looked pretty bad when XXX Was killed by Ezekiel, then Counselor Ezekiel would show up when you tried to complain about it. So OSI Disrobed me.

you were a counselor? i robed you…1-25-98…?
I was robed yes
YOu did LOL
in Minoc
You were around back then.. remember GM Wile? None of the GM’s remember him 🙁
yes, he trained me
Thats How I became a counselor

I haven’t had any Major Infractions until they investigated me for Duping because some of the SUN members were also in or friends of KoC. My Accounts came back clean. Then I got a warning letter stating I was getting A LOT of tickets points from the ticket system, I threw alot of stuff away and made out pretty good. But that’s not the point, Im in KoC, otherwise no one would have cared.

Next Issue:

The Snooze account on Siege. I don’t own it, I never owned it. I don’t know how to be more Frank than that.

The Recent Denial of Service Attacks:

Last night they were pretty bad, and now everyone is quick to point the fingers at KoC. Do you think we’re that stupid? Ban some of us, so we’re going to ruin everyone else’s fun. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. It’s JUST A GAME. I have a lot of friends that still play and I know how PISSED you can get when you lose hours of work. Point the fingers elsewhere, this has been happening long before KoC got banned.

Yes I am banned, Yes I’ll get over it (And I’ll probably get alot more sleep now). Don’t get me wrong. Ultima Online has kept me playing for 2 1/2 years, no other game will probably ever match that. The only regrets I have is the people who got banned simply for being [KoC]. Anyone who was a guild master on any shard with [KoC] above thier head was banned.

I enjoy reading all the posts “Im glad zeke is gone” “F*cking Cheater” “Always hated him”.. I would have been right there with them. But the funny thing is, if they knew me, I woulda been the first person to help them in any matter they needed help with..

-Zeke (Rides off in the Sunset)