That’s really the only possible explanation for this article. Nothing actually new here, but, um, they seem to have some issues.

The new 3D engine will enable gamers to have full camera rotation and zoom. It will also make the world seem a lot more alive than watching your 2D character run around the landscape. Most importantly, female characters just don’t look as good in 2D, and that fact weighs heavily on the minds of the average gamer.

Another somewhat respectable gaming mag reported that under consideration is – hold on to your anatomy, boys and girls – graphic sex. Yes, Sorsha the Amazing Cyberwhore will have all new ways to cadge gold pieces beyond those tired bowing macros! Reportedly to appear in the next Computer Gaming World, dated November 1999, is the following blurb…

From the file labled “B” for bizarre, rumor is that Origin is working on UO2, which will use the Ascension engine. (Bzzt. Wrong answer. – Lum) Here’s the bizarre part: EA has recently increased the parental control of their on-line products, possibly so that UO2 will be able to feature consensual sex. The developers are rumored to be kicking around ideas about how to animate characters making “the beast with two backs.” If implemented: Both parties will agree to the act and then go into a private room to exercise their, um, imaginations.

…hold me.