FBI, NCsoft close pirate Lineage 2 server

Press release

Federal search warrants were served on owners of L2Extreme who were also questioned during the raid. L2Extreme was providing its users with unauthorized service and code for NCsoft’s online computer game, Lineage\’c2\’ae II. The warrants enabled officials to halt L2Extreme’s operations while collecting further evidence in the course of the investigation.

The FBI estimates L2Extreme has up to 50,000 active users on its service. NCsoft estimates that monetary losses and damages from the operation are costing NCsoft millions of dollars per year.

L2Extreme advertised on its website, www.l2extreme.com, that more than half million registered users had subscribed to play.

The L2Extreme site has been replaced with the standard FBI takedown message.

(Note that as an employee of NCsoft I cannot comment further, and know nothing beyond the press release anyway!)