Shadoe of EQVault journeyed to the Fan Faire and had the usual good time, trying to get Absor drunk on water and watching the person who poses for Firiona Vie despawn (and who apparently attends EVERY EQ Fan Faire – maybe it’s like George Takei and Star Trek conventions or something). But the highlight of the article definitely had to be the Showdown at the Mineral Water Corral, where this ardent defender of the press faces down the eeeeeeeevil Michelle Butler, leader of the GMs, ruler of the volunteers, wicked witch of the west, and who probably hates you.

Mrs. Butler effectively quailed away from facing down a 5’6″ housewife in the same way a tobacco company quails away from cogent empirical evidence. Such cowardice speaks volumes to this member of the press, and it paints a vivid picture of the way things can often be in the guide program under her majestic rule. But to be fair, what does one expect coming from an employee who just happened to be dating (and later married) a prominent Verant staff member at the time she was hired to fill the position?

Self-indulgent invocation of the holy sanctity of the press? Putting Verant in a bad light while trying to barge into a volunteers-only function? Using the bully pulpit of a website to spread your opinion of an MMO employee’s love life, when in fact she was married to EQ’s producer before either ever arrived at Verant?

Hell, and my staff told me none of us was going to be in San Diego that weekend. LIARS!