The plot loosens in the “Gamehut Wants My Baby” story, as a much better written (or better proofwritten, anyway) email from the same email address (flame@evilsite.com) as the prior email inviting me into the warm, inviting arms of the Gamehut Network arrives…

Ok, in good spirit:

1) This guy who e-mailed you, Conrad, is a 14 year old. He was never affilated w/ GameHut besides the fact that he was a news updater for a non-open site at www.evilsite.com which is hosted my Gamehut.

2) He was fired for posting “feces pornography” on the site. On his removal he took one of the other members login / password and continued to post his collection of gay pornography. After he was stopped, we reported him to the proper authorities(the FBI Computer Unit at newark@fbi.gov and his Isp networktelephone.com). He is one sick puppy who is crying out for attention.

3) Please don’t affilate him as part of the Gamehut staff because he isn’t. The real Gamehut staff is well over the age of 16 (try 22-25) and we all work in our nice little office. We are tired of dealing w/ the rantings of this child.

Thanks for your time,

Tim Aste
Game Hut Networks

Also, the private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks, Ronald McDonald, wrote us in to school us all on TwisTer’s secret identity:

You guys are way off on your Dr. TwisTer assumptions. His real alter ego (you could have just asked me, because yes, all of us “Wtfmen” know him extraordinarily well) is someone I am not sure you know. When not updating his site at Gamehut, he runs a rants page called “The Rantings of Lum the Mad.” I have attached the URL so you can take a look at it.


Hope this helps bring an end to your unsolved mystery.

Don’t bother thanking me.

Makes sense to me.