Feedback Loops!

Inspired by Raph this time, last month’s greatest search terms, in order of popularity…

jessica chobot : My most popular search term, by a factor of 4. I’m waiting for Sony to include PSP-licking booth babes at E3. Maybe they’ll lick PSPs you bring them, that would make it interactively yicky. I doubt they’ll lick your DS but you can ask.


bewbies : Ah, the internet. Note that this was more popular than any other variation of the word “breast”.

nefarion strategy : I’m pretty sure I am NOT the person you want to ask. My wife may be helpful, but she doesn’t have a blog. Ah hell, I’m feeling generous.

nastycast : I have no idea what this is, nor do I want to. I suspect porn and iPods are both involved.

lum broken : Yeah, pretty much.

fat chicks : Good to see the frat still lets you use the web.

“race war kingdoms” items for sale : THE DREAM WILL NEVER DIE.

firiona vie naked : Have you considered pornography involving actual people? I hear something called “nastycasts” are big.

jessica chabot : Mispelled, she still scores higher than most proper spellings.

sex blogs : Boy are YOU ever in the wrong place.

whitefox pictures : Oh come on people. Stuff like this makes me glad Jessica Chobot is a real person.

“lum” mmo “is it fun” game : Signs point to no.

causes for lag on daoc : As a DAOC server programmer, I can tell you conclusively – the Internet is sometimes involved.

cheating puzzle pirates : Aw, people, do you have to ruin EVERYTHING?

fat ass 50 tiger mountain : Whoever this is, s/he probably is not taking Tiger Mountain by strategy.

funny funnier than the same old crap : I try.

guitar hero emulator : You do know that the controller is the entire point of the game, right?

macroing program for uo : FOR LIFE, YO.

sexual things to do with your girlfriend : Step 1 – MOVE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.

why is wow broken constantly : I got nothin’.

Believe it or not? All of these had multiple searches. Which makes them even more scary. The following, thankfully, only had 1 search each:

amazingly large penises : They are indeed of unusual size.

anonymously annoy bloggers : Step 1 – enter wackily surreal Google search terms.

are all men just after sex? : Yeah, pretty much. Sorry.

assholes on toontown : There has GOT to be a story here.

babylona in nude picture : This is probably why she quit updating.

brad mcquaid “i drove” today : Thanks for sharing, Brad.

bullet points about the roundheads:


  • Roundheads are NOT CAVALIERS.
  • \tab

  • Roundheads are MAMMALS.
  • \tab

  • Roundheads sometimes FLIP OUT AND KILL PEOPLE.
  • \tab

  • Roundheads are amazingly precise.

cj having sex : There are many possibilities here. Are they talking about my co-worker the art director? The blogger? The press secretary on “The West Wing”? You know, pretty much all of the available options are kinda creepy.

cj having sex cheat : Well, this sheds absolutely no light whatsoever.

damaging character development with rewards : I feel almost obligated to write about this now.

does anyone want any mountain dew? : Nah, I’m good.

explain “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” : It’s about these three monkeys, see.

evil tricks to play on coworkers : I bet making them part of blog entries about having sex is on the list.

fat old people : Thanks.

hillary clinton topless : Oh, come on.

how magic the gathering is evil : Well, when you make parodies involving national disasters…

how much porno sites pays for photos : I forsee a magical career for you involving webcams.

how to deal with a mad wife : I find chocolate works.

how to destroy a network server : I find chocolate works.

how to legally aquire rental property without buying : I find chocolate works.

how to make a paper hat : I find…

i hate my princess magical talking vanity : Thanks for sharing.

i killed all the hoosnock everywhere : Good for you.

images of cj having sex in san andreas : Dammit, I preferred the mystery.

is chocolate good for you : Probably not.

is it against the law to leave a mean comment on the internet : If it is, send lawyers, guns and money.

is this the way to boring lessons : Usually, yeah.

long mmo design thought : It’s amazing how Google can bring you to your destination.

make your own game : Yeah! (Hint: include Jessica Chobot.)

mmo is it legal to sell in-game items and money : Not in mine, it isn’t.

mmog with playable fox dog people : Uhhh… yeah.

my korean isp cut my service : Not sure how you did the Google search, then, but thanks for sharing.

nge swg : I’m thinking this scored higher than 1 in Raph’s list.

ninja techniques : Mine – UNSTOPPABLE.

noone ever when broke underestimating the intellegence of the american public : Dominus flevit.

people that are fat : Thanks, Google!

richard dean anderson quit stargate? : Damn him!

show me the porn that they show when you complete the game maze of porn in warcraft 3 : I’m pretty sure this was actually from a song by the Cure.

soe developers blog starwars galaxies lum’s blog : It’s spelled D A O C.

stevie \’e2\’80\’9ckillcreek\’e2\’80\’9d case nude : The Internet never forgets, ever.

the most boring site ever invented : Another satisfied customer.

why did faarwolf leave soe : Porn was involved.

why was uo2 cancelled? : Not enough meerlings.