Yeah, eFront’s still sending out bitchy fake-legal letters (and hey, why don’t we ever get any? Our forums are whiny, foul-mouthed and probably legally actionable too!) but it’s just kind of washing away in the roar of the economy going fwoomf. Hey kids, it’s a recession! You young pups don’t remember what that was like, I bet. Start your learning process by selling apples on streetcorners. Everywhere people are just idly packing their desks, wondering where the carnage will hit next.

Speaking of carnage and layoffs and such, next up on the fake news sites (you know, the only place where actual news gets reported these days) are rumors of big layoffs at EA.com. For those of you not keeping your scorecards up to date at home, that entity includes the Company Formerly Known As OSI. Fuckedcompany.com is reporting 200 employees to go next week, Fatbabies is going with 150, along with an astoundingly unbelievable figure of a $45 million MONTHLY burn rate. Of course, logic reminds us that axing everyone at OSI should make up about maybe $.003 million of that. But, you know, it’s either that or the cappucino maker.

One place you’ll never see layoffs at is Lumcorp, because we’re already laid off, laid back, and… well, the rest of the metaphor just brings back painful memories. So instead, commiserate with other unpaid webzine scribes in a thoughtful piece on the state of the net here.