On Siege, the shard is already trying to deal with the removal of RoT and the addition of people who hated RoT but also hated stat loss (somee like to call these people either “grief PKers” or “old school PvPers”, depending on what side of the inevitable fence you fall on). In the middle of all this, dropping the Faction System into the mix didn’t help matters. From the temporary BV-SP board comes these comments:

The problem is that SP’s population is still so low that the shard can’t really support two distinct PvP systems. As “faction Siege” grows, finding action in “old Siege” will become more and more difficult. This will in turn force more people to join factions in order to get in on the action.

If the vast majority of SP’s PvP conflict ends up being focused in the faction system then there will be very little to distinguish it from any of the normal shards.

All the newbies will be tired of being trapped in town. What should stop reds from hunting Factions members.

I killed a True Brits in my woods, who was yelling, Please don’t attack me.

I do agree that it is splitting siege but Im not sure that “everyone” will decide to go factions. I tried them out extensively on the test centers and to tell you the truth I think that either pking or hunting pks is more fun. In factions the lag is horrible and you are open for attack no matter where you go. There are no safe places and only guild members can help or heal you making a trip to the dungeon with your old (non faction) buds a pain in the ass if you die.

I’m still red, so I ghosted Brit last night for about 2 hours to see what it was like on SP. In two hours I think I saw a total of 10-12 factioners. The opposing factions could walk into the castle because there was not a True Brit in town. There were plenty of new peep not in factions with names like “PvP bitch” hanging around the fighting to steal and loot the fallen factioners.

Seems much more motivating and fun to fight those you “hate” like Turtle/Wrath or BiH/VoG (depending on your tastes), than to be fighting for artificial territory alongside them.

According to some factions are seeing limited participation on Sonoma as well. Here’s a post by Greven on CoB reviewing the action he saw.

I don’t know who all has been playing but I can assure you it is a bad idea to go Brits =]

Man I really did not think res killing would be that much of a problem but sheezus people are lame.

Currently EVERY night I have logged in the Council of Mages is present in Brit. I have killed a few loners and even had several great 2 vs me’s that I have won.

However I end up running from a group of 4+ 90% of the time. I had hoped those that joined brit would stay active but I have only encountered 3 fellow brits and each one I have never seen again once they tried to res at the healers.

I have to find a wandering healer, res the hide. Log in mule drop off stuff behind tree and resume the stat loss that leaves when it dam well wants to. I have had it from 10 to nearly two hours. /bugged/

Perhaps I am logging in at the wrong time that most my fellow brits are on, but I also noticed Mages are the only ones to own any towns. Also the last brit simply stated he was quiting and joining Mages (sissy! btw, I hope you can’t, and thus can’t be in facitons at all.)

I have also travelled around the mages with my mule, they travell from town to town ganking one possibly two people at a time. (in a 4+ group then say lol or newb, go figure..idiots).

From what I have seen it has a very low participation. I also know sonoma is dead as far as PvP goes, (thus the reason my other chars are on Pac and “was” on SP until ROT was removed.)

So mabey a bad test bed for factions? Or I am logging in at the wrong time all the time?