FINALLY, WIZARDS IN OZ? [Author: wirehead]

From the Official Australasia UO Shard Appeal comes this:

In the best news we’ve heard to date, OSI may have found a suitable hosting partner in Australia. The company in question are already a corporate hosting partner to several other large companies, and are interested in hosting the shard.

As long as the hosting partner OSI have in mind, who, as mentioned previously, are already a hosting partner to several large companies, can provide the bandwidth and acceptable connectivity to the majority of Australasian customers, then the new shard will be placed in Australia, rather than in Singapore, which OSI have already practically ruled out due to it’s poor connectivity to Australian and New Zealand players.

An OSI representative should be back out in Australia shortly to talk to the potential hosting partner, as well as to a large ISP who have also expressed a willingness to negotiate hosting fees NOT based on a charge per megabyte pricing system. Pending final negotiations and testing, we should have our server soon, hopefully before Christmas…