OK – time to mobilize the AWE-INSPIRING POWER that is the Intarweb…

Any idea who these guys are?

How about these guys?

The reason I’m asking is that they charged my bill $9.95 for a web design template. Normally a $9.95 bill on my credit card wouldn’t raise any eyebrows – except that it happened while I was at GDC. I’m fairly certain I didn’t purchase any web design toolkits while I was out of town.

So I raised one eyebrow when seeing this on my monthly statement. The other eyebrow I raised was when I saw this page from a googling of the bill’s listing. Which isn’t listed anywhere else on their site. (So how did Google spider it?) Complete with generic “hmm, let’s get MORE personal information” form.

So – if you were at GDC, and ESPECIALLY if you used your credit card at a nearby restaraunt while at GDC, I heartily recommend checking your statement for small furry mammals. Or else the next bill might have the Russian mafiya billing you for midget clown porn.