For Once, The Folder Name Is Quite Appropriate

Fans of leetspeak in legal documents will be fond of this one: a recently denied motion in the Blizzard/WoWglider case included the lines:

The documents that Defendants requested Thaler and Lavish Software to produce included:
1.     All records, documents, or [sic] relating to or concerning MDY Industries, LLC, Michael Donnelly,,, or any related entity, or the WowGlider or MMOGlidercomputer program, or any of its predecessors
2.     All communications between you and the following entities and individuals, or documents provided by you or them or by them to you: MDY INDUSTRIES, LLC; MICHAEL DONNELLY; WWW.WOWGLIDER.COM; WWW.MMOGLIDER.COM
3.     All files located in the WTF directory (or any subdirectory) from any and all World of Warcraft installations used or controlled by Joe Thaler or Lavish Software, LLC.
4.     A list of all World of Warcraft accounts registered, used or controlled by Joe Thaler or Lavish Software, LLC in the past three (3) years.

The wonderfully named WTF directory being where World of Warcraft stores its preferences, including account IDs and addon data. Thus showing that the Fishing skill of the Blizzard legal team is at 375. Sadly, the zone they were fishing in hadn’t been itemized.

Also, as an irony assist: remember this story? Remember the subject’s insistence as how he was a poor aggreived innocent bot writer looking in from the outside at the WoWglider case? Guess according to Blizzard’s legal team, he wasn’t so outside after all.