For The Love Of Ayn Rand, Do Not Quote From Marx Or The World Will End In FIRE

Build 1.0: You see a comely lass in a short skirt and a low cut blouse emblazoned with the Evony logo that beckons to you brazenly. WHAT SHALL YOU DO, GOOD SIRRAH.


Build 2.0: You see Prokofy Neva. RESPOND! RESPOND NOW!


Build 3.0: Realize that you have achieved a masterwork of commentary on the human condition that “MBA Fanboys” can never comprehend. Have a Paul of Tarsus moment where you are struck with the beauty of your innovation creating a game with real moral choices that quote from the greats of philosophy and literature. Ignore prior art such as Bioshock and Civilization. File patent so that your genius is properly compensated.


Bonus points: make sure you have as many reference to whoring women in your patent application as humanly possible.





Also, include a message board thread. Patent reviewers love that.


Build 4.0: Write a book. Write a Gamasutra blog. Just freaking WRITE. A lot. Ignore all the hataz. Get a non-profit grant to fund your hyperlibertarian game design. Get a faculty position at Pepperdine.


Build 5.0: Smoke a bowl. Get a hot model to pimp your media empire. Ask her which philosopher she’d quote.


Congratulations! You’ve won the game. Or, as Trotsky would say, “insurrection is an art, and like all art, has its own laws.” (WORLD IS LOST)

Hat tips: mystery, Metafilter, SA/LF!