The UPI has posted an account from the ground level of the Baghdad insurgency.

“It was about that time that my buddy Scott and I nicknamed the building the Alamo, as when standing on top of it and watching kids face off with tanks surrounding a simple brick building, it was easy to feel like a last stand was in progress.

It was around that time when one night, U.S. warplanes fired two laser guided missiles into the side of the compound, knocking down a couple of walls. By noon the next day, Sadr City had rebuilt the wall and plastered a poster of Sadr on the side where the missile had hit.”

Here’s the rest.

The Texans lost the Alamo, too. That would explain why it’s a part of Mexico today. (No snide comments about immigration and demographic conquests, please.)

Meanwhile, al-Qaeda is posting snuff porn, I guess just to keep us bombing random buildings.