The fallout from the recent departures/firings/appearances on milk cartons at Digital Anvil continues. Adrenaline Vault today is reporting that both Chris and Erin Roberts “are no longer with the company”, to use that oh-so-neutral turn of the phrase, and, to quote AVault,

Word is that Freelancer will be scrapped, or in the least scaled down so that it will not resemble the game that won over the press at 1999’s E3. The source cited technological problems, suggesting that what Roberts envisioned is not possible using current PC technologies. Press agents at Digital Anvil declined to comment.

Doesn’t look good for the persistent online component, which was one of its most promising aspects (and the one that, you know, makes it something we’d report on, as opposed to, say, Deus Goat Secx). If we learn more you will. If you learn more tell us.