From Russia With Pew Pew

leninswarm.jpgAnother in Shacknews’ fascinating history of Eve’s conflicts, this one looks at the origin of Goonswarm’s partnership with the Red Alliance.

“For two years, Lotka Volterra and the Southern Coalition fighting RA would basically fling every racist stereotype about Russians onto the forums that you could imagine,” says GoonSwarm’s Mittani. “Really over-the-top, obvious racist stuff, like ‘They’re feeding their families by selling isk for money over Ebay,’ jokes about buying Russian brides, calling them ‘Russian Dogs.’

“RA gets very offended about attacks on their ethnicity… Even today, RA leaders will be able to tell you which LV individual pilots smack-talked them in local and made racist jokes. They’ll drop anything to go kill them or hurt them in-game.”

Sure enough, with no prompting, UAxDeath recalled the harassment in a separate interview: “Russian dogs. Feed our children. I still have those screenshots.”