Furious Backpedaling

Mike Wilson, fresh from watching his employees do a bad Ol’Dirty Bastard impersonation on cable television, responds to his publisher’s first PC game resulting in the developers’ blowing up.

“We tried to get Auran to hold the game and release it in” January, Wilson said, saying the massively multiplayer online game wasn’t ready for prime time. It was released in October. But he said the company only handled the North American marketing and didn’t have much say on the release date.

Wilson then goes on to explain,

Wilson said Gamecock will likely recoup the entire investment it made in publishing Fury. “Would have loved for it to have been a hit, but all in all, not a tragedy from Gamecock’s point of view,” Wilson said.

Good to know. Keep working on that empathy, there!

An ex-Auran producer has more to say on Auran’s demise here.