From our message board, Tal’Mah’Ra posts the following:

First off I have a good buddy who has worked on Electronic Arts projects across the board (He has been there a while). He doesnt play UO but he has played previous Ultima Games. Now… He is a Graphic Artist out here in Vancouver and he is working on UO2. (and I had no idea EA Canada had eployees working on the UO2 Project until about last week).

Anyway, S.O.P. for Origin is to basically tell their graphic artists next to nothing about the game or the environment. My friend knows the following:

His job is to draw 2 characters… one beheading the other.

That pretty much sums up about how much he knows about UO2, and he is WORKING on the project. Now from his conversations with other co workers who are hard at work on the project the current landmass ‘projected’ for UO2 is nothing more then concept right now. Though admitedly he (like every other GA team member) is not entirely in the know. There is nobody at his workplace who has done any work on the landmass.

I suspect if the picture is in fact an authentic picture of the UO2 landmass as St. TwiTster suggests then it is nothing more then concept art (of which 70% of which never sees the light of a consumers monitor).

Incidently given the standard ‘art to pilot video’ time frames from EA / OSI. And knowing that the current video is in the works… we can pretty much expect to see some form of a UO2 video clip floating around in less then 3 months.