As seen on Q23, this Second Life blog posting will probably trip every work content filter in existence. I mean, look at the URL, for crying out loud! It’s like the people in IRC who used to “grief link” Doug Winger pictures. The first time, you screamed and tried to find an industrial eyewash station. The fiftieth time? You just shrugged. It’s the Internet. BAD THINGS happen on the Internet.

These are the kind of furs you and me will tend to meet in Second Life as they aren’t elitists like the real fruitcakes. The crazies shut themselves away and don’t like to deal with meatbags. So please, be nice to furs you meet, and don’t assume they are gay, furry, bdsm harem slaves. Not unless they show you their slave collar of course.

There’s, of course, much choicer quotes, but you know, making fun of furries is like how Old Man Murray used to describe sucker punching a baby in the gut to get it to be quiet… it’s easy and it works, but you don’t want to advertise the habit. I will note that the blog’s author, Calistas, used to be the community person for an MMO in development, which explains much.

Meanwhile, the Koreans discover that pornography sells.