So is WWII Online realistic? Who knows–it’s simply crazy. Sometimes you’ll spawn, and it will be like the Sitzkrieg, where there’s no one around and you’ll find yourself just driving down a road hoping to find an enemy to shoot at. Other times, you’ll be part of a massive offensive so crowded that you’ll be unable to exit the spawn point until the guy in front of you figures out how to move. Once you’re moving, there’s the issue of finding the battlefield, then getting there, all the while hoping you don’t get killed or the game doesn’t crash. Several times I spent 15 minutes just getting to the front, only to have the game disconnect me before I could even fire a shot in anger. But the times when I actually got to fight, the experience was exhilarating–perhaps to some extent because the game usually didn’t let me get that far.

Somewhat a change of pace from their previous coverage, which mainly consisted of uncritically letting Playnet’s spinmeisters do their spin. They also note that WW2 Online is the third best selling game in stores this week. Pray for America. (Hopefully they found Eggman’s “How To Actually Play This Game” cheat sheets.)