While I sympathize with the Australian crusade to get their own server so that their ping times won’t suck, I don’t exactly see using a cheat utility as somehow making up for it. Then again, I suspect with 600ms+ pings I really doubt those Aussies are jumping all over the screen on horses killing folks even with UOE. Anyway this person seems to be going about it the right way:


I have a HUGE favour to ask of you. As you are probably well aware, with the introduction of this server authentication for walking around UO now, Australian players have suffered greatly and we really need a server of our own!

What I ask of you is to please help our cause. I have put a simple kind of contact on my website (https://www.mainesthai.dropbear.id.au) so that people can contact me with their details so that I can forward this on to my friend at Electronic Arts Australia who is pushing like hell at the top end to get us this server that is set to go at the end of this year, money dependant of course(EA as you probably already know is OSIs boss so to speak).

Could you please post something in regards to this and please contact anybody else you know that has an UO based webpage asking the same of them too. Just a few lines of code is all I ask :D.

Also, you probably remember a push some time ago for an Aussie server, but that guy just forwarded the info to OSI directly, which, as you know, is probably the worst place it could have gone. If you know what ever happened to that guy or have the url even (if its still running) could you please forward his details to me so that I can get inc ontact with him? I am literally the liason between OSI and its players for Australia anyways so any help you could provide you be extremely appreciated!