From the State of the Code:

I was just booted for “use of speed altering programs”. When did you start doing this?

Effective immediately, players who are detected using speed altering programs will be temporarily removed from Asheron’s Call. Repeated use of these programs may result in permanent removal from the game. If you have been detected and feel there might be a mistake, please submit a report here and we will investigate.

Normally, I would celebrate this, and make no mistake, it should be heralded as a step in a positive direction for the game. However, I’m too busy wondering why I’ve been having so many connection problems in the past two days.

Apparently, the patch and hardware upgrades didn’t quite go according to plan:

UPDATE: Lag/Packet Loss Issues, August 16th

We continue to work on this issue. We will be doing some server work in the next 12 hours that we believe should improve the situation. We hope that this will not require downtime to implement. However, it is possible that it may. If it turns out that we need downtime to finish this maintenance, we will be sure to inform all players. If you experience the type of lag listed below, please be sure to file an urgent assistance call so we can obtain more information about your type of connection.

What’s a little more downtime among friends? After all, I’ve only died five or so times in the Olthoi Horde Nest because of it. Well, after they fixed the Olthoi Horde Nest. They broke the entire dungeon after the patch. It’s fixed now. I could have avoided playing the game for the past few days, but I don\’e2\’80\’99t pay $10 a month to avoid playing the game.

All in all, it has been both a good week and a bad week in the world of Dereth.