Get Your Game On, Miguk

The NYT has an article about Korea’s quite frightening “ten years in the future” gaming culture.

\’e2\’80\’9cToo often I hear people say \’e2\’80\’98South Korea\’e2\’80\’99 and \’e2\’80\’98emerging market\’e2\’80\’99 in the same sentence,\’e2\’80\’9d said Rich Wickham, the global head of Microsoft\’e2\’80\’99s Windows games business. \’e2\’80\’9cWhen it comes to gaming, Korea is the developed market, and it\’e2\’80\’99s the rest of the world that\’e2\’80\’99s playing catch-up. When you look at gaming around the world, Korea is the leader in many ways. It just occupies a different place in the culture there than anywhere else.\’e2\’80\’9d

Here’s a pic I took of the pro gaming arena in Coex referred to in the article.