My S00perSpies sent me this, with word that it’s already in place on Test Center, and soon to be implemented on a shard near YOU!

OSI wants to reduce item count, so they are implementing a reward system. This might be a new feature, or it might be a ‘one week only’ type of deal. It is on TC now, and GL is mirrored there.

Each player gets a ‘ticket’ counter. It starts at 0. You gain tickets by dropping things into trash cans (I am using one in a house now). If you double-click the trash barrel, you get a menu, letting you pick some rewards, as follows.

10,000 – Hair Dye
10,000 – Facial Hair Dye
30,000 – Hair Change Deed
30,000 – Facial Hair Change Deed
100,000 – Singing Crystal Ball
100,000 – Furniture Dye Tub
100,000 – Phoenix Armor
100,000 – Miniature Statues
500,000 – Scroll of Blessing

The more you drop in, the more points you get. As a reference, a plate chest is worth about 100 points (it depends on item HP and such). You can’t drop stackable items in either.